EDMISS enables you to capture more information concerning visa completion, cancellations and transfers. This information is then used to create reports for visa refusals, cancellations and shortening of courses. These reports can include offer cancellation reasons, enrollment cancellation category and enrollment cancellation reason.


Offer Cancellation Reasons

To define an offer cancellation reason, please go to EDMISS – Utilities – Setup Configuration – Offer – Cancel Reason.

Previously offers could be assigned the status of Withdrawn and Declined. We have replaced both of these statuses with cancelled and automatically added Offer categories of Withdrawn and Declined. As a part of the upgrade, these categories have been added and mapped for you. Please add any other Offer categories you wish.

Enrollment Change Reasons

To define an enrollment change reason, please go to EDMISS – Utilities – Setup Configuration – Student – Enrollment – Change Reason.


Enrollments can be changed and we provide the facility to document details about why an enrollment has been changed. As and example, I have added two possible enrollment change reasons of Changed College and Visa Refused.

Offer Cancellation – entering a reason

After an offer has been sent to the agent and / or the student, the Offer Details screen will typically look like this.


When the offer status is changed to Cancelled a screen will be displayed where you can select the cancellation category and description.


After you have entered the details and pressed OK, the screen should look like this:


In the offer search, you can filter your search for cancelled offers and also filter by period, country, agent and group by cancellation reason. You can export this data into Ms Excel if you need to.


Enrollment Change – entering a reason

Typically the enrollment details screen will look like this: