EDMISS User Guide

This website is the online manual and documentation for Edmiss administration software designed for Language Schools and Career (Vocational) Colleges. Edmiss enables Career Colleges and Language Schools to use the one system.

Of special note is support for Language Schools for weekly starters and weekly results and review for progression through classes for the period of the enrolment.

EDMISS is the North American branded version of eBECAS, which is used by over 100 college campuses in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom since 1986.

Current Features

Edmiss is a tightly integrated cloud based College Management system specifically designed for Private Intensive English programs and Colleges but also successfully used by University. The operational process workflow using Edmiss

Address, diary contacts including email and sms, Visa, photo, work placements, insurance, enrolment details, classes, fees, accommodation placements, document repository


Course offers, salesperson, agent, follow up management by offer date, accommodation request, airport transfer date, course start date. installment plan specification

Agent address, diary, commission rates, documents, list of all students sent by the agency, employees, agent account and scheduled payments of gross payments

Admission workflow from offer to acceptance, offer cancellation, enrolment changes – extensions, shorten, change start date and cancellations

Pathways enter Student Pathway interest and monitor pathway application status, communication and progress

Students sometimes may travel to a college as a study tour group.Study tour group offers and enrollments with one invoice for all students in the group

Accommodation requests, accommodation provider management and categories, finding availability by date, bed type and categories, placements, scheduled payments and airport transfer requests

Student invoices, receipts, credits, debits and transfers; calculate revenue by period, course, faculty, agent or country (for each student and fee); schedule payments to agents, accommodation providers, airport transfer provider and insurance providers.

Edmiss integrates with services to send a single email for a student, accommodation provider or agent with a single merged attachment or in bulk with Mailchimp/Mandrill using html formatted templates with data extracted from with Edmiss

Edmiss integrates with SMS services to send SMS messages to phones individually. You can also create templates that embed personalised SMS Message

Documents, Microsoft Word templates and files can be stored using EIT’s Amazon Document Storage for your College and each document can be filed in Edmiss with a student, accommodation provider, agent and Teacher and Class

Students can see their timetables, Fees, Result outcomes, attendance, College news and messages on their phone, tablet or computer browser

Teachers can see their timetables, classes and students and enter absences, diary comments and results on their phone, tablet or computer browser

Providing a graphical view of College numbers by faculty, country, salesperson and agency on the login screen.

List of reports available with Edmiss with example output

Language Schools

Student class allocation change weekly or at any time with the change in student level attained. Allocate students to class by day, time, rooms and teachers for any week & allocate classes in the future.

This  section enables staff to enter progressive results and formatted final test scores by student. Language Results enter Language assessments and print certificates in bulk and individually

There is a new feature where Edmiss provides the display of results by Language Class with results, and enables the change of class allocation with this display

Setup & Templates

Installation & Updater


Student Photo Display & Export

Course Price Books

Warning Letters

Offer Cancellation & Enrollment

Search Option & Displaying Columns

API Documentation



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