Document Repository

Edmiss provides the facility to categorise and store documents for students, agents and accommodation providers. We provide the document repository at no additional cost and is included in the annual licence.

We also store your College templates for use with Microsoft Word, SMS templates and bulk email templates.

Any email or message sent automatically stores a copy in the document repository.


  • Categorise and store documents
  • Add descriptions for stored documents
  • Retrieve documents from the repository at any time

Storing Documents

On the students detail form, we have a Contact tab option you can see all Contacts and file and retrieve Student Documents.

This screen displays a. Diary entries – messages and notes about the student, and on the lower panel, b. Student documents.

To load a document you want to store with the student file, press New, and select the document from your workstation:

You can update the document name, select a category and enter a description then press OK, the document is then uploaded.

The documents are then displayed by document name, description and category. You are also able to see who uploaded the document and when.

Retrieving Documents

From the Student Details Contact tab, to retrieve documents stored in the repository.

Highlight the document you want to retrieve and then under the Document option, press the View option. You should see a download progress bar and be presented with the option to open the file.

You are able to store, categorize and retrieve documents for not only students but also agents and homestay providers.

All documents can be categorized and you are able to define separate categories for students, agents and homestay providers.