Online Payments Load

As well as Flywire we support other payments providers and can load payments from spreadsheet or text file.

The new Online Payment section is where you can search Online Payments imported or created in eBECAS, as well as run an import to get these payments from an Excel Spreadsheet.

Go to Finance>>Online Payments and select the Import Payments option.

Browse for the Excel Spreadsheet to import and specify the Sheet name the data is on.

Process File to open the spreadsheet and preview the data.

Now specify the mapping between the import and the eBECAS data. Available fields are :

Map each field to a field in the import spreadsheet. For example:

Once at least the 3 required fields are mapped, specify the Payment Provider and if Payments should be marked as received in eBECAS. (Only Received payments can be receipted).

Run Import to complete the import and create payment records in eBECAS. eBECAS will ask to confirm the import, and display a list of any errors encountered.

Once you mapped all fields and are happy with the import, you can Save the Import specification, and Load this in future to pre-load all import setup :

Once Payments are imported, they are available to be Receipted and reconciled in eBECAS. From the Online Payment form, Search for Payments:

Use the Receipt Payment option to create a receipt using the Wizard for a received payment:

Highlight a group of received Payments (using Control or Shift and Select) and use the Quick Receipt option to bulk receipt all selected payments by just specifying the Bank Account to Receipt payment to. After running the quick Receipt, eBECAS will display a list of actions taken.

Receipted Payments will be indicated in the Online Payment form, along with the amount of the payment that has been receipted.
Use the View Receipt option to view the receipts created for that online payment.