Integrated Email

Edmiss is built with the capability to send emails directly from within Edmiss.

Emails can be sent individually to a student, agent or homestay family by:

  • attaching a pdf generated from a Microsoft Word template to a simple text email
  • by using an integrated Mandrill and MailChimp with Edmiss which enables Colleges to send html formatted email with embedded graphics and data to an individual or in bulk to multiple selected students, agents or homestay families
Setup to send emails from Edmiss

While your College can use a single College based email account, it is strongly encouraged for Colleges to use a separate email service to ensure emails are not marked as spam and are verified. Using a transactional email service also provides access to reports of what emails have been sent and you can trace what has been viewed and or bounced.

We encourage Colleges to register their College email address and create an account with the email provider Mandrill which provides a transactional email service with MailChimp and Edmiss. Mandrill and MailChimp integration with Edmiss enables formatted html email templates to send single and bulk emails to Students, Agents and Homestay providers that contain Edmiss data.

After creating a mandrill account, we will ask you to send us the identification codes and enter these into Edmiss to provide integration.

Sending a simple text email with an optional attached Microsoft Word template generated pdf file

Emails can be sent to a student, agent or homestay provider from the details page. For example from the student details page you can press Send Email

After pressing Send Email, the following screen appears:

You can tag what email addresses to send copies of the email to: Local Student email address, Other Student email address, the Student’s agent’s general email, the agent’s nominated counsellor, an internal College eBECAS user blind copy address and you can enter any other blind copy email address.

The sent email will be logged in the student diary, for the date and time when you pressed the send email button or this date and time can be overwritten. The Diary entry can be tagged and identified with the Attention flag. You can select the Diary Category, and enter plain text for the email with a subject line and details in the note section.

You can optionally select a registered template in this area and generate and attach a pdf document. You can also attach a separate file using the Attach File option.

For the details as displayed below, I am sending a single email in plain text to the student and attaching a pdf generated from a Microsoft Word Template

Pressing the Send Email show the options that I will use below

Ok merges the template and sends the email with the attached document.

The received email looks like the below

Opening the attached email shows below

Sending html emails using Mandrill templates

Email templates are specified and created in Mandrill.

Create a new template or select a existing template to see the details

While this looks complicated but it is simple html that someone experienced with html can generate.

You can preview and test the template.

To reference this template from within Edmiss, go to Edmiss – Main – Setup Configuration – Email Templates and register a html template in the correct area (for example attendance is related to the student enrolment)

Filling in the name, the Mandrill API Slug name specified in Mandrill and select the fields that will be referenced in the html, please do not select all as the data retrieved can be large, and Mandrill will complain and not work if too much data is provided for each email.

To send html emails; for example sending attendance warning emails, go to the Enrolment Search, select Merge and then Bulk Email (you can select multiple or one and filter by attendance percentage)

After pressing Bulk Email, you need to select what email template to use

You press Email Merge and confirmation that the emails are sent is shown.

The customised email is then received

Details are logged in the Contact/Diary for each student or agent or homestay provider.