The Teacher portal is designed for Teachers to display their classes and enter absences and comments. Student attendance is immediately calculated and updated. Students can view their attendance and absences in the Student Portal.

Shortly we will be adding the extra feature to enter Class results / assessments to the Teacher Portal.

The Teacher portal is included as a standard part of Edmiss, there is no extra license fee. Teachers do not use an Administrative user license when identified as User type Teacher Only. You can provide access to all your Teachers at no additional cost.

To use the Teacher Portal requires access via an internet browser on a Computer, Tablet or Smart phone – the portal is not accessed using the Edmiss program.

Ideally Teachers would use a portable device (tablet or phone) and enter absences or results directly in the class directly.

In order for the teacher to be see their assigned classes the Teachers MUST be identified as:
1. an Edmiss User with the User Type Teacher.
2. Classes must have the Teacher assigned to the class with the room, date, and time period identified.

Language Class setup

In Edmiss from the Language Class search (screen 4.7) you should see these columns (if you see columns other than these please press F12 to reset the column display for this form, close the form and open the form again, and you will see the columns correctly displayed.

To display and edit the Class Teacher, Room and Times, highlight the class and press Modify, which will display the class details. (Note you cannot edit the Class name or Level – if you want to change the Class name or Level – create a new class (or enable an in-active old class) with a different name and different level and move as of a date the students from the original class to the new class ( to review how to move Students from Class to Class as of a date – see Class allocation area of the online manual).


For Teachers to login to the Teacher portal, make sure the Teacher has a user name and password specified in eBECAS (Teachers cannot share a common user name and password otherwise they will not see their assigned students and classes)

Language Teacher Portal Access

Each College has been given a url (internet address and path) which when displayed in an internet browser enables the Teacher to login for the Teacher Portal. Each teacher needs to enter their user name and password.


Logging in using a computer browser shows the Portal like this, with the dashboard displayed:


The teachers classes are displayed. Selecting a Class Schedule displays the week’s allocation:


Selecting the menu option Class Absence displays the Class list, and selecting a class displays the days and times.


Selecting a Day and time displays the students where you can mark and specify the absence period and add comments