The following videos have been put together to demonstrate a range of processes in eBECAS. EDMISS is the North American branded version of eBECAS; the two systems are identical in most respects. The below videos will be able to provide insight into EDMISS.


Entering student details and offer items

Following up offers

Accepting an offer, raising an invoice and allocating classes

Financial Processes

This video demonstrates a number of financial processes in eBECAS such as:

  • Making payments
  • Listing outstanding payments by student & agent
  • Homestay payments
  • Agent payments
  • Insurance payments
  • Viewing scheduled payments by agent, accommodation provider, airport transfer and insurance

Analysis Processes

This video covers a number of different analysis methods in eBECAS. This is done through the reports section of eBECAS. In this video, the Student Enrolments report, the period comparison report and the revenue by period report are focussed on.

Enrolments Video

Classing Video

Offer Entry Video

Document Repository Video