Online Payments Using Flywire

Flywire Payments in Edmiss

Flywire should only be used by Colleges when requesting the student payment from an overseas bank account. The service is provided where the cost is meet by the exchange rate.

One of the major benefits of Flywire is the College receives the invoiced amount without any bank charges or other fees. The charge is absorbed in the overseas exchange rate. This makes the reconciliation of what is invoiced and what is paid transparent. Most other online payment methods separately charge their fees which makes reconciliation more difficult.

Flywire will supply credentials for integration with Edmiss. You will also need to let Equator IT know you are setting up integration, and we can assist you.

There are several ways for a College to receive payments from students via FlyWire:

A student making an invoice payment within the Edmiss student portal

When enabled, the Student Portal will provide an option to make a payment from the student portal for any outstanding invoice. This is available in the student portal from the Invoices tab.

Students will see a list of Online Payments previously made listed with the status of the Payment (whether the payment has been received by the college or cancelled).

Payments made through the Portal will also be displayed in Edmiss. The status of payments from students can be tracked and then receipted once received (see below for details).

Sending and sms message in bulk or singly to the student with a payment link when a payment is due

You can create an sms template and include personalised details for the student.

Go to Main – Setup Configuration – SMS Templates – Student Account

From the Main – Finance – Student Fees Due you can display the fees due as of a date, and select the students you want to send an sms.

After selecting the students you wish to send an sms press Send SMS

Highlight the SMS template and press SMS Merge. Confirmation of the SMS will display with a copy of the SMS sent in the student diary and also copied to the Student’s portal.

Sending an email in bulk or singly with a link when a payment is due

Students and agents can also be sent a link to make a payment using flywire from eBECAS using Bulk or individual email.

The bookmark references that can be added to the email in Mandrill template relating to Flywire are: PaymentAmount, PaymentMaxAmount, PaymentType and PaymentUrl.

Checking payments made in Edmiss

You can view the payment status from Main – Finance – Online Payments

When payment is made, you can see the receipt in the Student Enrolment Fees screen 1.3

Setting up Edmiss for Flywire Integration

Go to Utilities>>Setup Configuration>>Setup>>Online Payments

Enter the Provider Code, Destination and Secret as provided by Flywire for your account.

Enter a default ISO 3 Country code, which will be used if a student does not have a Country with an ISO 3 Code specified in eBECAS.

To select the currency that payment is made from, Flywire uses the Students country as the origin (this can be changed by the student or agent when they make a payment). Please check that ISO 3 Codes are setup for each country used in eBECAS and Flywire. These should be enabled and linked by default in most cases.

Go to Go to Utilities>>Setup Configuration>>Geographic>>Countries

The ISO 3 code will be used to link the country and currency. Review any mismatches and select the correct ISO 3 code.